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The Great Turning
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for the Great Turning

The Earth is calling out!  More and more people are realizing that they want to contribute to the most urgent need of our times--to help bring about the Great Turning from an Industrial Growth Society* to a life-giving sustainable society that works for humans and all fellow creatures, now and into the future.  Many people are even leaving their careers and taking time to discern their deeper calling. This can be a scary and difficult endeavor--after all, our work for the Great Turning does not often register on the radar of our society, and at this juncture, it is often difficult to find paid work for following this call.  Yet, this can also be an exciting, purpose-filled endeavor, for nothing is more satisfying than aligning our actions with our vision—walking the path of our own Great Work and taking our part in this great epic adventure!        

I offer support and guidance to people who are making this transition. I am available for coaching/mentoring by phone or in person. 

Free 30 minute initial consultation
$60-100/hour (sliding-scale)
Some scholarship slots available

Contact me at pamwood AT or
503-708-9751 or for more information.


The Climate Crisis: 

Compassion, Solidarity and Concern for the Common Good

View PowerPoint presentation here.

"The most remarkable feature of this

historical moment on Earth is not

that we are on the way to destroying the world--we've actually been on the way for quite a while. 

It is that we are beginning to wake up,

as from a millennia-long sleep,

to a whole new relationship to our world,

to ourselves, and to each other."

--Joanna Macy

We live in troubled times.  Massive oil spills, the devastation of social and ecological crises such as war, debilitating poverty, ecological disasters, climate change, species extinction,  and the collapse of the very systems on which life depends.  Knowledge of these dangers has brought humanity to the shall we respond?

Given a lack of adequate skills or support, our tendency is to shut down or avoid the "bad news" all around, as these large-scale problems seem too huge and insurmountable for us to respond.  Or,  we try to do something but quickly lose hope or feel powerless in the face of it all.  Still others respond with an  apathy and nihilism that fuels addictions and out-of-control consumerism.  These defense mechanisms are understandable in these times, but leave us with the sickening knowledge that we are inadvertently contributing to the very problems we hope to avoid.

Yet, when we learn the skills and find support and resources, we can respond to the suffering of our world with the love, compassion and intention that shows the best of human nature, and is so needed in our time.  When we discover ourselves as em
bedded in a community of others whose actions extend out beyond themselves, we can discover an empowered and engaged spirituality that fuels our work towards the Great Turning--the transition from a society headed towards destruction to one which promises life, dignity and sanity for all beings who share our planet home.  

                        “The place God calls you to 
                    is the place where your deep gladness 
                    and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
                        --Frederick Buechner

This Great Turning  (a term coined by Joanna Macy) has been called "the great adventure of our time."  When we discern the intersection between our own gifts and the world's great need, we can discover deep meaning and purpose in our lives--our own Great Work
, and find the creativity and courage to act on behalf of our world.

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